Using the Software

Bring creativity to life with the eCraftshop Pro Software

Connect your eCraft to your PC and use the eCraftShop Pro software to access even more features than the eCraft offers as a standalone machine. Create banners 12″ by any length, personalise images from your SD Card, customise and import your own SVG designs, and more! You can weld, flip, stretch, rotate, size, shadow, and control your own virtual cutting grid for perfect image placement and an economical use of space and material.

Getting the eCraftShop Pro software couldn’t be simpler:

STEP 1 – Register your eCraft
Visit the Craftwell web site using the link above and fill out your details to register your eCraft machine with Craftwell.

STEP 2 – Download the Software
Once you’ve registered your machine, download and install the software.

Please note that in the most recent version of the software, some of the functions which we’ve demonstrated on the DVD and in our tutorial videos have moved. Please visit this page for more information.

The videos below will help you get started with eCraftShop Pro.